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If cricket is a religion in our country, it must be TRUE !!!

In our country cricket is a common religion, we are born and bought up in the culture where cricket is having its existence before we came to exist in this world, Isn’t it ? We celebrate any cricket league as a festival, and any morning its one of the subject we discuss about.

Trial Details

7:00 AM
Trial Date
City / State
Raipur (Zone-1,Zone-2,Zone-3)
Nagpur(Zone-1), Ranchi(Zone-2),Hydrabad(Zone-3)
Gwalior(Zone-1) Jamshedpur(Zone-2) Banglore(Zone-3)
Indore(Zone-1) Kolkata(Zone-2) Kochhi(Zone-3)
Ahemdabaad(Zone-1) Lucknow(Zone-2) Chennai(Zone-3)
Rajkot(Zone-1) Noida(Zone-2) Vizag(Zone-3)
Surat(Zone-1) Delhi(Zone-2) Bhuvaneshwar(Zone-3)
Mumbai(Zone-1) Jaipur(Zone-2) Kolkata(Zone-3)
Pune(Zone-1) Chandigarh(Zone-2) Guwahati(Zone-3)
Goa(Zone-1) Shimla(Zone-2)
---------------------------Stage II Selection Matches---------------------
15 Oct-17 to 20 Oct-17
1st Round
21 Oct-17 to 26 Oct-17
2nd Round
27 Oct-17 to 01 Nov-17
3rd Round
02 Nov-17 to 11 Nov-17
Final Round
--------------------------Stage III Selection Matches----------------------
15 Nov 2017
Team Declaration
23 Nov-17 to 29 Nov-17
Training Camp
01 December-2017
Launching Ceremony

Our news

True Cricket Events marching towards their pilot project " TRUE CRICKET LEAGUE " , A talent Hunt Reality Show .....

True Cricket Events conducted Raipur Trials on 17th September 2017 and more than 100 players selected for the selection match round.Selection matches will be held on the month of October. Every Player who will successfully achieve the target at selection match stage will be shortlisted for the League. True Cricket Events wishes all the best to the players and their guardians for the upcoming selection match stage.............. TRUE CAN BE DISTURBED....... TRUE CAN BE DENIED .......... BUT REMEMBER TRUE CAN NEVER BE DEFEATED !!!!!!!!

Trials Details

• Trials Starts 17 Sept. 2017
• Selection Matches starts 15 Oct. 2017

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