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If cricket is a religion in our country, it must be TRUE !!!

In our country cricket is a common religion, we are born and bought up in the culture where cricket is having its existence before we came to exist in this world, Isn’t it ? We celebrate any cricket league as a festival, and any morning its one of the subject we discuss about.

Trial Details

17 Septmber, 20177:00 AM
Trial Date
City / State
17,18,19 Sept.2017
Raipur (Zone-1,Zone-2,Zone-3)
Nagpur(Zone-1), Ranchi(Zone-2),Hydrabad(Zone-3)
Gwalior(Zone-1) Jamshedpur(Zone-2) Banglore(Zone-3)
28 Sept 2017
Indore(Zone-1) Kolkata(Zone-2) Kochhi(Zone-3)
30 Sept 2017
Ahemdabaad(Zone-1) Lucknow(Zone-2) Chennai(Zone-3)
2 Oct 2017
Rajkot(Zone-1) Noida(Zone-2) Vizag(Zone-3)
4 Oct 2017
Surat(Zone-1) Delhi(Zone-2) Bhuvaneshwar(Zone-3)
6 Oct 2017
Mumbai(Zone-1) Jaipur(Zone-2) Kolkata(Zone-3)
8 Oct 2017
Pune(Zone-1) Chandigarh(Zone-2) Guwahati(Zone-3)
10 Oct 2017
Goa(Zone-1) Shimla(Zone-2)
---------------------------Stage II Selection Matches---------------------
15 Oct-17 to 20 Oct-17
1st Round
21 Oct-17 to 26 Oct-17
2nd Round
27 Oct-17 to 01 Nov-17
3rd Round
02 Nov-17 to 11 Nov-17
Final Round
--------------------------Stage III Selection Matches----------------------
15 Nov 2017
Team Declaration
23 Nov-17 to 29 Nov-17
Training Camp
01 December-2017
Launching Ceremony

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Trials Details

• Trials Starts 17 Sept. 2017
• Selection Matches starts 15 Oct. 2017

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• Trial fees Rs. 2000/-

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